DIVA SPA is not an ordinary beauty salon.

The status of a five-star hotel and the requirements of high quality services and services set us the standard in service and a variety of procedures. Therefore, we are ready to satisfy the taste of the most demanding guest.

Healing massage with warm linen bags filled with Himalaya pebbles, mountain crystals of Tibet, Dead Sea salts, essential oils of sandalwood, rosemary, orange and lavender. Fills every cell of the body with life-giving energy, deeply affects the tendons, joints and muscles. A wonderful procedure to reduce tissue swelling, soothes, balances, relaxes, cleans, energizes and drains, relieves stress and spasms.

Avoiding haute couture from the best brands of cosmetics and skillful hands to the beautician is the perfect tandem for your beauty and youth!

Experienced masters of massage and cosmetology will give your body lightness and health! In their arsenal, the best massage techniques are classic, Spanish, Thai. Massage will help restore energy circulation, increase muscle elasticity, return the body to a state of equilibrium, give vitality.


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